Deontay Wilder Has Pint Of Beer Thrown At Him In Belfast

WBC heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury had a pint of beer launched at him tonight in Windsor Park while watching the fights.

Wilder was in attendance tonight to scout his next opponent Tyson Fury.

Fury strolled to a ten round shut out unanimous points decision over Francesco Pianeta in the end without breaking a sweat in truth.

For reasons unclear at the moment, some rather brave man decided to throw beer at the heavyweight champion while he was watching tonight’s fights before the Fury bout started:

Both embarrassing and a brave move from the person behind him who chose to do that.

How anyone would be stupid enough to try to pick a fight with a person who could literally kill someone with a bare knuckle punch is beyond me.

Wilder was seen in great mood however, even after this, as he posed for photos with many fans and celebrities at tonight’s fights.

He did receive a few boos when he got in the ring with Fury mind you.

To be expected really as an away fighter.

The next time the two meet in the ring however it will be in the US in Wilder’s home country.

Roll on Wilder vs Fury, a cracking heavyweight showdown to round off the boxing year.