Watch: Replay Shows Agony Of Body Shot That Ended Paddy Barnes’ World Title Challenge

One of the most well-timed body shots in recent professional boxing memory landed on Irishman Paddy Barnes tonight. No one would have got up from this. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In tonight’s boxing action on TV brave Barnes took on champion Rosales in only his sixth professional fight and in the end it proved a move too early.

Kudos for him for taking the fight though. Not many that early in their pro career would, nor many fighter’s handlers allow them to.

Clear evidence of the faith and belief both they have and Barnes has in himself.

He’ll be back. No doubt about it.

But for now, this painful body shot will take some time to erase from his memory as the agony on his face clear for all to see as the fight was ended:

Hard luck Paddy Barnes but congrats to champion Rosales on a fine performance and finishing blow.

An incredible shot that could very well propel him into some very big fights in the near future.