Canelo Looking To KO GGG In Rematch Right From Round 1

Canelo Alvarez is training for the knockout he has revealed and is taking out his anger since the fallout from the first fight with Golovkin in his training.

One suspects Canelo’s sparring partners are earning their money at the moment.

From the videos that have been put out by Canelo and his promoter Golden Boy, there’s never been a time perhaps in the career of Canelo where he’s been so ferocious and angry in his training.

You can literally tell from the way he’s attacking his training equipment that he’s using all the negative press since his failed drugs test for tainted meat to propel him in his motivation for the fight.

Speaking in an international media call, Canelo is intent on knocking Golovkin out:

“From the beginning, I will work him to look for that KO. That’s what I’ll be doing from the very first round, and that’s why I’m training and I’m mentally prepared to do that. Obviously, you know, that’s the way I want this fight to end by knockout, and for them to raise my hand after that knockout victory.”

That will be music to the ears of fight fans hoping for a toe to toe war next month on September 15th in Las Vegas.

Not long to go now, folks.