Abel Sanchez Compares Manny Pacquiao vs Mikey Garcia To Fight From The Past

GGG Coach Abel Sanchez's Reaction To Canelo Loss Showed Class

A Manny Pacquiao vs Mikey Garcia fight would be a fun one for a number of reasons. Perhaps the clash of explosive styles being the most compelling one.

Indeed, leading world boxing trainer to stars such as Gennady Golovkin, Abel Sanchez believes it would be a wonderful battle for the sport of boxing to make.

Speaking to Villainfy Media, Sanchez said:

“Oh, I would love to see that fight. Oh, I didn’t even know they were talking about that fight. But that’s a great fight. Those are the kind of fights that stars on the way up that fight the stars that are established, just like when Terry Norris fought Ray Leonard. Those are the kind of fights that the fans want to see because it’s an aging guy going out against a new guy emerging. If that happens, wow that’s a great fight. Honestly at this point it would be hard to call just because Manny looked good in his last fight (stoppage win against Lucas Matthysse).”

He has a point.

Garcia is the new kid on the block in terms of emerging stars and against a big name like Pacquiao, it would be a crossroads fight for both.

Garcia recently defeated Robert Easter Jr and has been linked with a pay per view fight against Errol Spence in December.

Pacquiao is linked with a return to the ring on December 2nd but nothing has been confirmed for either man just yet.