Terence Crawford Calls Danny Garcia Out – Garcia Responds

A fight that perhaps not many had considered before between Terence Crawford and Danny Garcia has grown some legs today after the two spoke directly to one another on social media.

The great thing about social media in boxing is when two fighters genuinely want to get something off their chest or call out another fighter, without a middleman or anyone to get in the way, they can do so.

That’s just what happened earlier when pound for pound rated star Terence Crawford told Danny Garcia the following:

Garcia has taken his time in responding but a short time ago retorted with the following:

Garcia must first come through a difficult assignment in the form of Shawn Porter next up but if he does that, it looks like the above fight might not be all too far away.

Particularly with promoters like Top Rank and advisers like Al Haymon now having to work with one another again due to the increased competition from new promoters in America like Eddie Hearn and platforms like DAZN.

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