Broner Reacts To Pacquiao Win Over Matthysse, Throws In Mayweather Jab

Adrien Broner was a keen spectator of last night’s fight between Manny Pacquiao and Lucas Matthysse knowing that he could be one of the names on the list for Manny Pacquiao as he winds down his career.

Broner recently claimed he had signed a promotional deal with old Pacquiao nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, but following last night’s fight Broner took to social media to let fans know he isn’t even talking to Mayweather at the moment.

However he still wanted to defend his name to Pacquiao fans:

“And me and @floydmayweather not even speaking to each other right now but you boxing fans are on DOPE if y’all think Pacquiao better than him! Don’t get me wrong Pacquiao is one of our boxing greats but he ain’t got shit on FLOYD!#Facts”

Well, Mayweather did settle that debate himself in fairness when the two boxed in the biggest fight in the sport’s histroy back in 2015.

He won a comprehensive unanimous points decision at the time.

Pacquiao following the fight cited a shoulder injury as hampering his performance.

Obviously a rematch with Mayweather will never happen now with the American boxer retired, but a fight with Adrien Broner in the next year or so certainly is not out of the realms of possibilities.

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