Tyson Fury Reacts To Joshua vs Wilder Situation

Fury Reacts To Joshua vs Wilder

The Joshua vs Wilder situation has frustrated everyone at this stage. With the fight not looking likely until 2019 now heavyweight rival Tyson Fury has chimed in with his thoughts on what’s going on.

Fury is currently in his second training camp ahead of his second fight back this August after his long break from the sport but has been watching the Joshua vs Wilder saga closely.

Speaking on Instagram today, Fury said:

“I think it’s a very complex situation. At least they’re trying to make it that way. Joshua and his team have been offered 50 million dollars which is about 38 million sterling. A huge offer to fight anybody. I just don’t think you could offer them a Lancashire bull of money to fight Wilder. They’re afraid of him. Wilder is all wrong for Joshua and Eddie Hearn knows that. I think Eddie wants Joshua to get a few more fights in before he gets chinned by Wilder.”

Whatever the situation is, fans are the only losers at the moment really with the fight not happening next up.

While Joshua vs Povetkin is a decent fight, it’s just not anywhere near as compelling as the Wilder showdown at the end of the day.