Deontay Wilder Explodes With Anger Towards Anthony Joshua

Over the course of the last few months in the Joshua vs Wilder negotiations / saga Wilder has been noticeably more vocal than Joshua in wanting to make the fight happen.

That said, I do think Joshua wants the fight like Wilder, but has gone about things in a completely different way.

He was famously quoted in one IFL TV interview as saying to team Wilder come up with $50 million and he’d take the fight.

They did that, but still no deal ever materialized.

Wilder throughout the negotiations has been keeping people updated at least with his opinion of what’s been going on.

Hopefully Joshua will do an interview in the coming weeks to explain his side but in the meantime, here’s what Wilder has told him on social media following the negotiations appearing to come to an end:

Some genuine anger and frustration there.

Hopefully the full story will come out soon of what really happened in this absolute farce of a situation over the last three months.

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