50 Cent Mocks Mayweather For Buying $18 Million Watch

50 Cent Reveals What Weight He'd Fight Mayweather At In Street Fight

Rapper 50 Cent and boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather appear to be beefing once again after the former friends had appeared to have buried the hatchet not so long ago.

Former pound for pound boxing number one Floyd Mayweather is living the life in retirement at the moment with his business investments, strip club and boxing promotional company.

Aptly ‘nicknamed’ money, his lavish lifestyle is legendary, as his unquenchable thirst for more and more wealth.

His latest acquisition came this week with a watch worth $18 million:


Not too shabby.

Former friend 50 Cent however has taken it as an opportunity to make fun of Mayweather:


The two at one point had planned to work together in the boxing business with 50 Cent’s former promotional company but things never materialized after some behind the scenes disputes between the two.

Mayweather’s boxing promotional company currently promotes the likes of Badou Jack and Gervonta Davis.