Former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has taken his verbal war with fellow UK rival Tony Bellew to the next level.

A lot of times in boxing tongue in cheek remarks go back and forth.

Particularly these days, where the modern boxing era has become more of an entertainment and controversy-driven sport than perhaps ever before.

From a heavyweight perspective, you won’t get two bigger talkers than perhaps Fury and Bellew.

The two have been goading one another in the media in 2018 and Fury while speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV today, let rip on Bellew wanting to fight him:

“Why would I fight Tony Bellew? Why would I want to fight Tony Bellew? He has nothing that I want. At all. But what I am going to do to Tony Bellew is punch him in the mouth when I see him and lets see if he can be cheeky to me to me face because I think Tony Bellew is a s*** house. I want to slap him in the teeth, when he starts crying then I’ll say come on big man, you think you can fight don’t ya? Get it on, and if you’re watching, meet me up anytime, any place, anywhere and me and you will have a straightener. If you’re serious, or if it’s just for a payday I’ll let you off. But if you’re serious about fighting me I’ll fight you out here for free. Bum.”

The term ‘straightener’ is UK slang for a street fight for those readers around the world who might not be familiar with the term.

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