Press Tour Move Suggests GGG vs Canelo Really Hate One Another

The upcoming GGG vs Canelo rematch this September will have some different bits and pieces to it but more noticeably, something that won’t feature on its press tour.

Over the years ahead of big fights boxing fans have gotten used to a pre-fight ‘Face Off’ or ‘Gloves Are Off’ type programs.

These installments essentially involve fighters sitting down face to face ahead of the fight.

Usually with a commentator like Max Kellerman (if in the US) or Johnny Nelson (if in the UK) in between them asking the questions.

They’ve proved rather popular over the years but the GGG vs Canelo rematch wont have one it turns out.

Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler has confirmed there will be none ahead of the fight as ‘the boxers do not want to see one another’ and there will be no more press conferences until fight week ahead of the September 15th showdown at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Both guys must dislike one another pretty bad.

At the same time, ahead of such a big fight, one can’t help but feel they are leaving some pay per views on the table without the traditional ‘Face Off’ or ‘Gloves Are Off’ program taking place.

Either way, at least the fight is on now.

At long last.

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