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Recently former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was in attendance at the Boxing Hall of Fame alongside his old promoter Don King. When the two came face to face, a glass of water was thrown at King by Tyson.

Many reacted to the news saying that it was lucky that was all that was thrown at King by Tyson.

Tyson has alleged in various interviews and publications over the years that King robbed him of a considerable amount of money during his boxing career when the two worked with one another.

Speaking to SiriusXM boxing radio, Tyson elaborated on what happened:

“That was me being immature. I shouldn’t have done that. He touched me and tapped me on the shoulder. He talked to me like he was my friend and that was just bull crap. I shouldn’t have done that because I shouldn’t give in to my bitterness. Today is the day that I let go. Yeah, he really did me in.”

In case you didn’t see the moment Tyson threw water at King, here’s how it happened and went down in New York at the International Boxing Hall of Fame:

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