Adam Booth On David Haye Retiring

adam booth on david haye retiring

Not many know Haye better than his former coach and long time friend Adam Booth who helped Haye capture both the cruiserweight and heavyweight world titles at one time.

The two worked with one another for the best part of Haye’s career and did things their own way largely.

Plotting their way to multiple titles and huge fights over the years in a hugely successful partnership.

The two parted company a number of years back professionally but remain on good terms to this day.

Speaking to IFL TV Booth said he was pleased to hear of Haye’s retirement:

“Glad he’s retired. Great career if you look past all the freak injuries and circumstances. Look at the statistics. Look what he achieved at cruiserweight and heavyweight. His knockout percentage. Look at the entertainment he gave. He was a great combination of personality, character and a good fighter. He was an entertaining, exciting fighter. So I think when people look back on his career as a whole, I think it was an immense success.”

Booth now trains fighters like Josh Kelly these days – a boxer whom the renowned coach tips as one of the leading prospects in world boxing.

Booth also trains world champion Ryan Burnett.