David Haye Retires And Gives Statement In Honest Video

Former world cruiserweight and heavyweight champion David Haye has retired from the boxing ring officially today.

Haye had a long tenure in the sport both as an amateur and professional.

A very successful one too.

A character who split opinion among boxing fans during the peak of his professional career but a fighter, say what you want about him, who brought value for money for boxing fans more often than not.

David Haye was an explosive, big hitting fighter in his prime who possessed sublime timing, speed and reflexes.

One of my favorite fights I remember watching Haye in was probably the Enzo Maccarinelli fight where Haye unified the cruiserweight belts in one of his most explosive wins inside of two rounds.

Today Haye has officially retired and given the following video to the boxing world and his fans:

An excellent servant to the sport of boxing and a career that no doubt will live on long into the history of the sweet science.

All the very best in retirement.