Boxing World Goes Nuts After Wilder Accepts Joshua's Offer - Boxing News and Views

Boxing World Goes Nuts After Wilder Accepts Joshua’s Offer

Wilder Accepts Joshua's Offer

World heavyweight champions Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua look set to meet next in an epic collision of heavyweight might and a fight between the two men who currently hold all four recognized world title belts.

Simply put, the fight would establish an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world at this time.

Sure, 2019 will see Tyson Fury say something about that, no doubt.

But for now as Fury continues to get back in shape and makes a comeback, Joshua and Wilder are seen as the best of the heavyweights at this time.

Wilder announced today that he accepted Joshua’s offer to fight in the UK next up and has also given him the option of going to the US too of $50 million.

Surely Joshua will agree and send the contract to Wilder. All looks set for things to be signed this week.

Fans have been reacting in their droves to today’s massive news in the sport: