Floyd Mayweather Reveals Plans To Build The Biggest Building In New York

Retired pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather has a number of business projects underway at the moment, one of them which involves in an interesting construction plan for the Big Apple.

Mayweather while being a boxing promoter and all round media personality is known for his shrewd investments over the years.

So much so that he recently announced that his career earnings have surpassed a whopping one billion dollars.

Not too shabby.

Well, he’s not resting on his laurels and his plans a foot to shake up one of the iconic cities of the world – New York.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Mayweather revealed he is completely finished with fighting saying he was “through”, ruled out a bout in the UFC and spoke of the construction project:

“I’ve been working with my real estate buddies, my real estate guys. The project I’m working on now is called One Vanderbilt. Its going to be the tallest building in New York city. It’s going to be taller than the Empire State building. We are also working on putting an observation deck on the building.”

Impressive stuff.

As far as seeing Mayweather ever again in a boxing ring or even a UFC cage, those days appear now well and truly over.

It will be interesting to see if he ever chooses to train fighters down the line, as well as promote them which he currently does.