Crazy Video Of Cop Boxing A Guy On The Street

A video has emerged online of a cop boxing a guy on the street in perhaps one of the more bizarre boxing videos seen in recent times.

The sport of boxing is best left in the ring to those who know what they are doing.

There’s a reason why the sport has ruled that govern it to ensure its participant’s health and to ensure the integrity of the sport is maintained.

Well, sometimes that goes out the window as we all know.

But to see a member of law enforcement involved in a boxing match on the street is well, odd to say the least.

This breaking video of a cop boxing a guy on the street goes to show how mad a world it is we live in these days:

Well, when you’ve thought you’ve seen it all in boxing.

No doubt that cop won’t be turning pro anytime soon but he definitely demonstrated some admirable skills for an amateur there.

Apparently it was the cop who was challenged to the sparring match – he certainly didn’t back down to be fair to him.

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