Watch: Deontay Wilder Brother Wins Pro Debut In Brutal Fashion

deontay wilder brother

Deontay Wilder brother Marsellos Wilder got off to a fast start in the pro ranks as his WBC heavyweight champion brother Deontay can be heard shouting instructions to him in a video released of the fight.

A weight division below his brother, at cruiserweight, Marsellos appears to have a big hitting style similar to his brother where wild swings and going for the knockout are clearly part of his fight arsenal.

Marsellos recorded a first round knockout in his pro debut and in the following video released on YouTube you can hear Deontay Wilder telling him to use the jab, take his time and give him other words of encouragement:

Not a bad debut in the pro ranks in all fairness.

As for WBC champion Deontay Wilder, talks are still ongoing surrounding a potential unification bout with Anthony Joshua from the UK.

Joshua is currently in the US and both teams are trying to come to a deal to make the fight happen.

Although Wilder’s latest remarks in the media suggest negotiations have hit a snag.

One suspects that if a fight is not announced this week than the chances of it happening next up are slim.