Dana White Reacts To Anthony Joshua $500 Million Rumor

UFC President turned soon to be boxing promoter Dana White spoke about the reported offer and Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn for the first time.

The combat sports world is booming at the moment. No doubt about it.

Massive offers are flying around everywhere as are significant broadcast and streaming deals been secured both in the sport of boxing and mixed martial arts.

Speaking at a post-fight press conference for a UFC event in Liverpool at the weekend, White said:

“I never made him an offer ever. (Where did it come from?) Thin air. I never made him an offer. We were supposed to meet. We never met. We never talked money.”

He added:

“When we talked he told me he was going to stay with Eddie Hearn. He was never going to leave Eddie Hearn. That was never the plan, like I was never going to try to steal him from Eddie Hearn. The deal was that I felt we could add a lot of value to them in the United States. So we could cut some kind of deal for the US. He’s big in England, everyone knows who he is in England and I have the machine to make him big in the United States.”

White later cited that a meeting between Joshua and Hearn never took place due to White suffering from health problems and been unable to fly to the UK for Joshua’s fight against Joseph Parker at the time.

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