Golovkin vs Canelo Rematch On The Ropes

The Golovkin vs Canelo rematch while during the week looking very positive of happening has now taken a turn for the less than hopeful of happening. To put it lightly.

In boxing it’s not done until it’s done.

It’s not on until it’s signed at the end of the day.

In one interview this week promoter of Canelo Alvarez Oscar De La Hoya let slip to Ray Leonard no less that the rematch was happening in September.

Now he’s back tracked on that, mentioning:

It appears the posturing is taking place on both sides however, with reports now emerging that Golovkin and his team are looking for a change in the split.

A change from the one that was originally proposed (after everything that has went on over the last few months) – from 60/40 in favor of Canelo – to now closer to a 50/50 deal.

This seems to be the main issue and whether or not a deal can be reached at this stage remains to be seen.

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