Tyson Fury Speaks Passionately About Mental Health After Young Girl Commits Suicide

Tyson Fury Had An, Well, Rather Alternative View Of The Conor McGregor Fiasco

Former heavyweight champion of the world takes to social media following tragedy in the UK where a young girl took her own life.

Mental health issues are more in the public forum than ever before with the advent of social media and the web.

Years ago they were perhaps not highlighted enough but with more and more public figures speaking about their own problems, the issues are becoming more publicized at long last.

Tyson Fury who has had his own battles with depression in the past, while on the way to the boxing gym this morning took to social media when he heard the news of a young girl from his locality taking her own life:

“Hi guys, just a quick video to discuss mental health problems again. I’m on my way to the gym and it seems to be that there’s a young girl who’s jumped off the bridge and committed suicide and closed the motorway off. This mental health needs addressing. Help is out there. I say to anybody – get the help. Seek medical advice immediately. Do not give up. Do not pull the trigger. Do not jump off a bridge. Do not commit suicide. Do not give in. Keep fighting. Keep fighting. It will get better. The cloudy days will turn into sunshine. I’ve been there. I’ve witnessed it first hand. Please do not give up. Keep on battling. The sunshine will shine again – I promise you.”

Fury returns to the ring on June 9th at the Manchester Arena against Sefer Seferi.