Watch: Tyson Fury and Shannon Briggs Try To Make Fight Directly

Tyson Fury and Shannon Briggs, perhaps two of the most colorful characters in heavyweight boxing today, have got on the internet directly with one another with some exciting potential news for boxing fans.

Fury’s June 9th return is quickly approaching and as of yet no opponent has been confirmed for the Manchester Arena show.

One name mentioned a while back for Fury was Shannon Briggs, who is also being looked at currently for Fury’s second fight back this September.

When the two got online via video link with one another, Briggs asked Fury:

“Are you going to fight me?”

To which Fury responded:

“Yes. I’ll give you a fight but I don’t want you to give me any excuses and beat me up after you knock me out, okay? When you KO me I don’t want you to go celebrating up and down the ring. I want you to be gentleman like.”

A typically odd response from Fury but in all seriousness – a fight between the two could make a lot of sense for everyone involved.

Fury will want to come back with a publicity bang in his first couple of fights back and this writer for one can’t think of a more entertaining build-up between two boxers than these controversial characters.

Here’s how the conversation played out with the two:

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