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This weekend’s GGG Cinco De Mayo two round annihilation reminded everyone just why middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin is such a force in world boxing.

Granted, it was a fight he was supposed to win but Armenian Vanes Martirosyan showed early on that Golovkin was more than there to be hit.

Landing some very sharp combinations on the middleweight king it must be said.

However this toe to toe game plan by Martirosyan while an admirable one in its courage – was never going to bode well for him in the end.

Or would it for any middleweight in the world really.

Golovkin like he’s done so often in the past soaked the punishment up as if it was nothing and then proceeded to unload his truck like sweet science artillery that left his opponent face down, out for the count and in a bloody heap.

Here’s how the boxing world has been reacting thus far to the win:

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