Rio Ferdinand Reveals Why He Has Had To Give Up On Boxing Dream

Rio Ferdinand, the international soccer player (now retired), who was intending on making his professional debut in the sport of boxing this year – has today signaled why the dream is now over. Before it even started.

Ferdinand had equipped himself with a professional team for the planned venture that included former world champion Richie Woodhall in his corner.

Backed by a big gambling company it seemed everything was destined for Ferdinand to have his first pro boxing fight this year.

Not the case however.

Ferdinand has revealed the following as to why he will not now be competing in boxing as a professional moving forward:

“Having been training 4-5 times a week since announcing the aim of achieving a professional boxing licence and stepping into the ring, it is with a heavy heart that I am hanging up my gloves on Betfair’s Defender to Contender challenge.

Despite having never felt better physically or mentally, after notifying the British Boxing Board of Control of my intention to apply for a licence, I have received confirmation that they would not be reviewing my application at this point in time.

To say I’m disappointed by this decision is an understatement. To not be given the chance to demonstrate my ability to the BBBoC through the standard assessment afforded to others is hard to take, not only for me, but also to Richie, Mel and the countless others who have dedicated their time to my boxing development over the past six months.

Boxing is a physically tough, demanding and dangerous sport. I always gave it my utmost respect and never underestimated how difficult it would be. I wanted to show people that it’s OK to have a goal and strive to reach it. It’s important to approach everything with success in mind, and to give it your all, but sometimes things work against you.

This sport has given me a new focus & drive and is something I will continue to do as part of my fitness regime. I’d like to say thank you to Betfair, Richie Woodhall, Duke McKenzie, my team at New Era Global Sports, the guys at GB Boxing and everyone who has supported me so far. It’s been a great journey.”