Watch: The Moment Bellew Pushes Haye In The Throat

Bellew Pushes Haye

Tempers were heated at today’s final press conference between David Haye and Tony Bellew who rematch this Saturday in a repeat of their grudge match last year.

The palpable hate the two had for one another last year in some regards seems to be less so this time around.

The two more willing to put up with one another’s company seemingly.

Waiting patiently for the moment to do what it is they do best rolls around.

However Bellew today wanted to get one last little one up in the pre-fight mind games department when for the first time he put his hands on Haye at a press conference between the two:

Rewind a year ago and it was Haye who put his hands on Bellew.

Punching him bare knuckle no less in one of their first press conferences together.

Today seemed more like handbags and hype for the cameras, mind you.

There’s no doubt the fight will sell given the outspoken nature and well-known celebrity of both fighters in question.

The above was just another extra sales push from Bellew in my opinion.