Ricky Hatton’s Son Posts Photo Of Tyson Fury – Shows Transformation

Tyson Fury had the news confirmed today that he will return on June 9th in his hometown of Manchester but he’s been busy grafting hard in the gym amid the headlines earlier on.

Fury in recent months has spent a lot of time and boxing legend Ricky Hatton’s gym in Manchester for when he is in the UK training and not in his Spanish training base.

Under the watchful eye of new trainer Ben Davison he’s been shedding the pounds and sharpening his tools.

Ricky Hatton has commented at various points about how in the beginning he was unsure of how Fury would be in his comeback given the time away from the ring, but how after seeing him before in his gym that he now fully believes that the former champion will comeback better than ever.

Hatton’s son Campbell shared the following picture of Fury grafting earlier on this week:

An almost entirely different human being from the obese emotional mess of recent years.

Fury has now transformed himself back into a genuine professional athlete again through hard work and dedication.

Time will tell how he gets on in the comeback.


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