Anthony Joshua Names His Price For Deontay Wilder Fight

The heavyweight champion of the world is apparently keen on securing the showdown with WBC champion Deontay Wilder- despite what reports may have suggested.

If boxing teaches a writer anything over the years is that fighters will fight anyone- for the most part.

When you meet a real, genuine fighter, it’s who they are on the inside.

It’s what makes them tick. It’s what drives them.

I’ll never forget one British reporter asking David Haye a few years back:

“Who is David Haye as a man, as a person?”

To which Haye looked him dead in the eye and replied without batting an eyelid:

“A guy that likes to fight.”

Hype and bull aside, Anthony Joshua falls into this type of mind frame too I feel.

Despite the perception out there that his promoter Eddie Hearn is shielding him from the Wilder fight, this certainly cannot be said from Joshua’s end at least.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Joshua said:

“If it is a $100m fight and they are happy with taking 60-40, I’ll take 50-50. Give me $50m dollars up front and I swear I’ll take that fight tomorrow.”

Between the massive interest in this fight not just in the US and UK, but worldwide, one suspects that the powers that be would be able to get him this amount of money – and then some.