Watch: Povetkin Crippling Knockout Of David Price

Russian Alexander Povetkin put Liverpool’s David Price on his back once before stopping him for the count after been knocked down himself in the fight.

In an entertaining co-main event tonight Povetkin showed his class against David Price who gave a fine account of himself before the hurtful shots really came in.

Price started well behind the jab against his smaller Russian foe but Povetkin was able to get his timing down as the rounds progressed.

That said, there were moments were Povetkin looked tired and had to take a count himself early on from a perfect Price left hand counter.

But Price’s defense was leaky, Povetkin’s more pinpoint work eventually got to the Engishman –¬†who took some heavy shots in the final round:

Credit to Povetkin on a clinical stoppage when the time arose.

Hearts go out to Price who tried, tried again, but yet when it came down to a big fight in the heavyweight division, once again came up short unfortunately.