Tony Bellew Is Spot On About Sickening Deontay Wilder Remark

We cover WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder regularly and unlike some people, always give him a fair shake and acknowledge his standing in the heavyweight division, but a remark he made this week has to be called out on – in fairness.

Wilder is known for his bone shuddering power and exciting fight style in the ring.

Like his name, a wild one, but a tremendously thrilling one to watch that more often than not leads to someone laying flat on their back.

Just what fight fans want to see from a heavyweight champion, at the end of the day. As brutal as it sounds.

But the difference between this and someone actually getting killed in the ring is obviously massive.

Boxing has sadly had a few warriors lost these past few years from tragic instances in the ring and this comment from Deontay Wilder is getting absolutely smashed to pieces online by fight fans at the moment:

Here’s how Liverpool heavyweight Tony Bellew responded, as well as some others withing the boxing community:

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