Can Luis Ortiz Beat Deontay Wilder This Weekend?

Wilder comes into the bout this weekend as a favourite but not an overwhelming one. Some are suggesting this could be in for a much trickier test than he might think himself.

Ortiz is a good operator when on his A-Game.

The question will be however, how much does he have left at his age and after such a crazy year in 2017?

A year that saw him fail a doping test only to have a suspension lifted to allow this fight at the weekend to take place.

Ortiz can be a bit hot and cold sometimes but, if he’s at his best this weekend and Wilder is not, there is no reason to think an upset is not entirely possible.

Wilder looks very focused from all the pre-fight interviews he’s been doing this week. A man possessed almost.

He’ll want to make Ortiz pay for making him wait all this time and with the power he possess in both of his hands, he only needs to land one clean blow to end the night.

If I were a betting man I’d be leaning towards a Wilder stoppage, but don’t rule out Ortiz.