Tyson Fury Upbeat About What People Are Doing For Him At The Moment

Tyson Fury Upbeat

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury upbeat as he releases a video that shows him to break character a bit from the usual cheeky rogue on social media.

Depending on what day it is you never really know what Tyson Fury you’re going to get, really.

It can vary from one extreme to the other in terms of his mood.

But behind all that, there was a man clearly let down with what he perceived as little support from his home country when he became heavyweight champion in 2015 by dethroning Wladimir Klitschko.

I’m no shrink, but know a thing or two about the mind from the past few years.

For me, what was at the root of all of Fury’s depression, binges, substance abuse and mental disorder was that he felt that he didn’t get support from the public after beating Klitschko.

It’s only human for people to want to feel appreciated for their work.

Let alone an athlete at the pinnacle of his profession.

Show me a person who enjoys going into work and not having their work acknowledged and I’ll show you a liar.

Now Fury has opened up about the wealth of support he’s been getting from the public.

Feedback he’s received since he made the decision to get his act together.

Since getting back in the gym and making a proper go of the talent with his fists that he has:

(Tyson Fury upbeat on Instagram)


A clearly very happy Tyson Fury.

They say a fighter is at his most dangerous when he’s happy in his life.

If this is true, expect a big 2018 from Fury. A year where he bids to get back into contention of a shot at the title.

As things stand he is awaiting final confirmation from the British Boxing Board of Control for his license.

It is thought his first fight back will be sometime in May.

An opponent to be confirmed soon. As well as new promoter.