Boxing Reporter Imposter Infiltrates Press Conference – Trolls Wilder and Davis

One fake boxing reporter managed to charm his way into a press conference with some big name boxers and promoters present. The result had some pretty random consequences.

For those who read up on and cover boxing day in day out, you’ll know that we are all really part of a larger, overall boxing bubble to an extent.

Sometimes the sport comes into contact with those who don’t have a clue with the politics, rankings and or just in general, any of the goings on in boxing.

One of these characters in the form of a fake boxing reporter managed to bluff his way into a press conference in the US.

His trolling of Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe at the end left both Ellerbe and former world champion Gervonta Davis laughing pretty hard:

I can’t recall a time where a fake boxing reporter got into one of these press conferences.

These type of viral pranks have happened elsewhere but to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time one has happened at a boxing press conference.

Stephen Espinoza appeared to see the funny side of things, while Deontay Wilder was not impressed at all.

Who this guy is or how he got into the press conference is unknown at this time.