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In Light Of Andy Lee Retirement – Here’s His Best 5 KOs

Andy Lee in the beginning of his career used his big left hand from the southpaw stance to end many a night but as things went on, the right hook proved to be a nnuclear weapon in its own right.

The Irishman used it to great effect to eventually capture the WBO world middleweight title.

Lee was more often than not involved in good fights, willing to put himself in harm’s way to land heavy artillery many a night.

Perhaps it was for this reason that fans were so drawn to his fights, as well as respectful of his nice guy personality outside of the ring.

In light of his retirement this week, lets look back at his five most explosive knockouts in an action-packed professional tenure in the sweet science:

(Hat tip Editinking YouTube):

Some impressive knockouts there.

Lee sighted the main reason for retirement as spending more time with family and that there were not enough big offers on the table to tempt him away from them for another training camp.

He also revealed that he will not miss the politics or business side of boxing.

Whatever he does next in his career, there’s no doubt he’ll be a success in it.

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