Trainer Adam Booth Sends Brilliant Message To Andy Lee After Retiring

Andy Lee After Retiring

The boxing world has been singing the praises of Ireland’s Andy Lee since he came to the decision to retire. But perhaps the best words were saved by his coach.

Andy Lee started off his career with the legendary Manny Steward but after his passing Lee was left with the daunting challenge of trying to find a new trainer.

Lee had always shown promise early on in his pro career under Steward and knew that it would be an uphill challenge to replace someone of Steward’s calibre.

As faith would have it he found the right coach for him. The right fit personality-wise and tactically.

British trainer Adam Booth helped Andy Lee become WBO world middleweight champion and forged a close bond with Lee outside of the ring.

Here’s what Booth had to say to his former fighter in retirement:

Indeed it is.

Lee now moves on to a new chapter in his life with his family.

Lee said it was the main reason he retired from boxing for as he wanted to spend more time with them.

(Photo credit: Adam Booth Twitter)