Groves Drops Truth Bomb To Eubank About What He Should Do Next

George Groves has been brutally honest to his vanquished foe Chris Eubank Jr following their fight this past weekend at the Manchester Arena.

Since the bout a key subject that has been spoken about is the working relationship between Eubank senior and junior moving forward.

Speaking to Gareth Davies of The Telegraph, Groves said:

“Junior is better off going to the other side of the world, away from his dad to have a fresh start.”

Indeed, many within boxing have suggested similar but it’s obviously going to be a tough thing to do.

His is his dad at the end of the day. That will never change.

But perhaps over the coming weeks Chris Eubank Jr will start to view his family and career separately, as separate parts of his life.

The two have essentially become the same thing in his pro boxing career up to now.

Although it could be painful, perhaps there might be benefit to taking instructions from a new face in his corner, or at least start listening more to his current trainer Ronnie Davis.

Eubank senior looked like a man frustrated in the corner last weekend. He knew his son was capable of better.

Much better.

From listening to some of the corner instructions from Eubank senior in the post-fight footage that has emerged since, some of the advise he was giving was not actually that bad.

But George Groves didn’t allow Eubank Jr to use any of it at the end of the day.

The better boxer won.


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