Bizarre Moment Where Groves and Trainer Try To Impersonate Eubank After The Fight

Groves and Trainer

A rather strange clip has emerged showing George Groves and head trainer Shane McGuigan appearing to impersonate the Eubanks after this weekend’s fight.

It proved to be a big night for the pair.

An expertly delivered game plan saw Groves win out comfortable winner on the scorecards in the end.

Boxing, as it so often does, created some interesting moments this past weekend.

One of the lighter moments that one fan has spotted was this little pose done by Groves and coach Shane McGuigan just after the bout:

Oh dear.

Well, good thing the fight worked out.

Because a change in career to acting for either man doesn’t look like it would be very fruitful.

On a boxing note, they’ll be delighted with this past weekend’s performance mind you.

Going into the fight McGuigan was labelled as nothing more than a ‘P.E. teacher’ by Chris Eubank senior.

Something that really came back to haunt him afterwards.

Groves is currently awaiting news on a shoulder injury sustained in the 12th round and should know in the coming days whether he will be fit for the World Boxing Super Series final in June or not.