Fan Produces Comical Admission Of Getting It Wrong On Eubank v Groves

There’s a lot of people with egg on their faces this week who passionately backed Chris Eubank Jr to beat George Groves this past weekend. But one fan in particular has produced a novel way of explaining himself.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Going into the fight last weekend a lot of late money went on Chris Eubank Jr from fans.

You could tell because the closer the fight got, the odds slowly shifted in his favour and a fight that was a 50-50 with bookmakers for months, became a slight favourite for Eubank Jr in their odds.

Well, one fan on Twitter has come up with this hilarious admission to Twitter about what happened from his perspective:

(Hat tip @Babs_SP)

As you can see, he got quite the bit of reaction. Here’s some of the responses he’s had thus far: