WBSS Promoter Explains Potential Consequences Of Groves Shoulder Injury

George Groves suffered a shoulder injury this past weekend in his fight with Chris Eubank Jr that could hamper the new World Boxing Super Series tournament if he can’t be fit in time for the final this June.

June is what is being aimed for by the organisers but likely there will be more given to Groves to heal if he needs to.

Speaking after the bout promoter of the WBSS Kalle Sauerland said:

“We have a scope for when the tournament has to be completed. I won’t go into details on that now. We’ll wait until Monday. But we’re hopeful. With those sort of injuries it can be that he can train very, very quickly again if it’s just a case of it popping out. But we don’t know. No one knows if there has been any damage until the scans have been analysed by experts. I’ve had a lot of experience with shoulder injuries with athletes of mine and even with a first diagnosis, I’d still want see a second or third one on a shoulder. It’s a big muscle when it comes to boxing. It’s a complicated one. I’ve seen those sort of injuries and boxers can fight again very quickly. It really depends on whether he’s had luck or bad luck in that moment.”

The first scan results should be known later today.

As excellent an idea as the WBSS is a round robin format like this is always open to being hit by injuries given the nature of the fight business.

Lets hope nothing too serious has happened his shoulder as a final without Groves would not be ideal for fans, obviously.