Naseem Hamed Completely Goes Off On Eubank Jr In Viral Video

Naseem Hamed let loose on Chris Eubank Jr last night after his defeat to George Groves at the Manchester Arena in the UK.

Hamed was clearly incensed by what he perceived as the notion that Eubank Jr had been building himself up to be a world beater over the years.

Co-commentator Duke McKenzie tried to get a word in on TV but Nas was having none of it.

He felt the truth needed to be spoken and was not shy in articulating his opinion:

Nas has received a lot of support for his remarks in a bit of a change of opinion from the boxing public who before seemed to dislike him, but after last night – he’s seemingly won people over.

It just goes to show that honesty and speaking from the heart on television is still a big winner with the public.

Perhaps more indicative of the times we live in today where people are sharing information in a more brutally honest way on the various social media platforms they now have access to.

Hamed other than the odd commentating role has no current, active role in the sport of boxing.