This Video Of Eubank Sr Saying His Son Will Be Better Than Mayweather Comes Back To Haunt Him

Chris Eubank senior much more than his son is coming in for a lot of home truths today after years, and years of telling the public his son would be a world beater.

That notion, as we predicted on here, was dispelled by Londoner George Groves.

A capable boxer who stuck to an efficient game plan to win a points victory over a brave Chris Eubank Jr last night.

Credit to Eubank Jr however, his toughness and heart was clear to see. From his father’s stock indeed.

But it’s his dad is the guy who’s coming in for it today. Not him.

Whatever you think about Chris Eubank senior, the reality is he’s braver than most men walking this Earth.

He stepped in between the ropes in the first place and was one of the best super-middleweights of his era.

But it’s his talk in recent years about his son being a future pound for pound great that’s frankly pi***ed the public off.

This video has been going viral all day so far since the Groves loss last night for his son:

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