Brandon Rios Reacts To Getting Knocked Out By Danny Garcia

The teak tough warrior gave an excellent display of himself for the nine rounds leading up to the stoppage and surprised many.

The fight was a very competitive one largely where Brandon Rios showed that he still has plenty of fight left just yet two years after a rather one-sided beating was delivered to him by Timothy Bradley.

No one-sided beating was delivered by Danny Garcia however. Rather a perfect fight hand to the jaw in the 9th round that when it connected, simply ended the contest.

Speaking of the shot afterwards a understandibly disappointed Rios said:

“I’m mad. I don’t like going out like that. I’m a warrior, I got back up and I wanted to continue. I guess they stopped it but I’m mad. I’m mad because I got up.”

He added:

 “I was doing good. I got lazy with the jab and he came over with the right hand and he caught me. I’m a warrior. I’m still in the game. I didn’t think he did much to hurt me. I think it was closer than what he thought it was.  He just caught me with a lucky punch. I was ready to continue.”

Rios is now back with his old trainer and friend Robert Garcia. The pair’s combination clearly showed merit last night.

Don’t expect his to be the last you here of Brandon Rios.

(Photo courtesy of Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions)

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