Bob Arum Explains How He Scored Golovkin vs Canelo

Scored Golovkin vs Canelo

The Hall of Fame promoter is one of many looking forward to the rematch between two of the premier middleweights in the world today.

Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez will rematch this May after a controversial ending to their first fight last September saw the bout scored a draw.

Many felt Golovkin deserved to get the decision but whatever can be said about it, there’s no denying it was an enjoyable to fight to watch on the whole.

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum while speaking on an open Q and A session on Reddit was asked the following by one fight fan:

How would you have scored GGG-Canelo?

To which he replied:

“I had Golovkin winning 8 rounds to 4. I thought that Golovkin gave away a round or two in the beginning and may have lost a round or two at the end, but he won everything in the middle and it wasn’t even close. You have to understand, I’ve been in boxing for a very long time and people see things differently. Just because I saw the fight one way doesn’t mean others couldn’t see it some other way. I just think based on how i viewed it, Golovkin won and won quite easily.”

Solid answer.

I think most people thought Golovkin won the contest but it will be up to him not to leave it in the hands of the judges next time out.

Canelo will be a lot wiser from the first fight too.

Don’t count out the Mexican superstar either.