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Groves v Eubank Result – Full Fight Report and Analysis

The Groves v Eubank result is in after twelve rounds of world championship boxing at the Manchester Arena.

It proved to be a tactically excellent display by George Groves in the end.

He frustrated Eubank Jr largely who could not land clean on Groves. Groves ran out a winner by unanimous points decision in the end.

Here’s how he did it.

Round 1: Groves takes the centre of the ring with a wide stance. Working behind the jab. Cagey start from both fighters. Slow pace which suited Groves’ tempo.

Round 2: Groves boxed well on the outside. The fight came to life as both men landed some crisp shots but overall a Groves round based on ring control. Eubank Jr looked slightly frustrated at trying to get on the inside of Groves’ jab.

Round 3: Groves countered well at the start of the round but Eubank came storming back and landed some big shots on Groves while he was up against the ropes. Groves looked like he felt the punches and was momentarily stunned. A cut had developed over the right eye of Eubank.

Round 4: Groves boxed well on the back foot. Strong round for Groves although Eubank tagged him right at the end of the round.

Round 5: Another solid round for Groves. Doing enough to win the round with superior boxing.

Round 6: Groves continued to use the ring beautifully and would not let Eubank get anywhere near him to land his trademark uppercut, wildly swinging at Groves at times.

Round 7: Eubank Jr continued to get frustrated. Swinging wildly and hitting thin air. Another round for Groves.

Round 8: Eubank did connect with a long left hook but could not follow-up with much success due to the superior movement and distance control of Groves. Another big round for Groves.

Round 9: Very close round. Eubank Jr showed a lot of aggression and desire to keep coming forward.

Round 10: Groves and his trainer Shane McGuigan were proving to have gotten their tactics spot on. Eubank kept pressing but Groves’ superior boxing ability was shining though again. Eubank finally looked like he was starting to fatigue.

Round 11: Groves was looking by far the more technically accomplished boxer, making Eubank look very wild and sloppy at times. Outclassing him in parts.

Round 12: Incredible last round. Groves looked like he suffered an injured shoulder. Cracking fight.

Judges scorecards: 117-112, 116-112, 115-113 – George Groves UD12