Groves Points Out Something Wrong With Eubank At Their Weigh-In

Both guys will be awake by this time now ad most likely be having their breakfast and starting to slowly but surely switch onto fight mode.

Fight day is a funny old day in some regards

For fans, the anticipation of a big fight all day long can drag on as debate online and in pubs about who will win tonight’s boxing is discussed.

For fighters, it’s all about conserving energy until they need to use it tonight. Sometimes though, s*** happens.

I can remember a story told to me once how an Irish person I knew had travelled to the UK to watch a certain Prince Naseem Hamed fight a couple of decades back.

He hired a car that weekend in the UK and unfortunately the day of the fight, he had an accident.

No one was hurt thankfully but some damage was done to both vehicles. The thing was though, it was Hamed himself who crashed into him.

On the day of his own fight.

Nothing ever happened afterwards but the person who told me that claims to this day Hamed was in the wrong.

Well, motor altercations aside, Groves and Eubank don’t have long to go until tonight’s 10pm (UK time) estimated ring walk.

Groves however at the last meeting between the fighters believes he spotted something wrong with Eubank’s jaw:

Both fighters jaws without doubt will be tested tonight.