A fighter that not many may have heard about but knows both Groves and Eubank Jr well from sparring them in the past has given an interesting take on tonight’s boxing action in Manchester.

A light-heavyweight from Lithuania by the name of Sergey Rozvadovskij has shared the ring with both boxers in the past as a former sparring partner.

Speaking to the Boxing News magazine in the UK, he said of tonight’s fight:

“If he can keep his distance from Chris, he should win. He just needs to keep Chris away. He’s much bigger and he has a much longer reach. All he needs to do is box and keep Chris off. If he does that, he will win the fight.”

Indeed, that seems to be the school of thought out there at the moment from people who believe Groves will win.

The other side of that story however, the flip side of the coin so to speak, is can he keep Eubank Jr off for a full twelve rounds?

Surely part of Eubank’s game plan will involve bringing his outstanding gas tank into the fight to wear Groves down in the second half of the bout.

It would only make sense he’d play to one of his strengths.

Groves in the opinion of some onlookers looked a little soft at yesterday’s weigh-ins so if there are any doubts about his stamina and conditioning, expect Eubank Jr to exploit them if the bout goes into the second half of the twelve rounds.

The fight started off as a fifty-fifty fight with most bookies however a lot of late money has now gone on Eubank Jr who is now a slight favourite.