Garcia on Brandon Rios Fight: It’s The Danny Garcia Show

Danny Garcia is brimming with confidence going into this weekend’s fight but it will mark the first time he’s had to bounce back from defeat in his career.

Those in the know will tell you learn much more from defeat in life than you do in victory.

It’s easy to ride the crest of a wave when everything is going your own way.

You found out what kind of man you really are when the chips are down. When the going gets tough. That space in life where character of genuine worth is formed.

A beautiful space for those who chose to embrace it to grow as a person.

This weekend Danny Garcia will fight for the first time since losing to Keith Thurman last year and as confident as he might sound, there is no denying that the fight will still be in his head at least a small bit.

Speaking ahead of the fight he said:

“It’s the Danny Garcia show so I’m going to go in there and do what I want to do. I’m going to dictate the pace. If we want to bang, we can bang. If we want to box, we can box. I’ve faced fighters that came straight at me before. I’ve faced fighters that moved. I’m prepared for whatever. I’m a young veteran in the sport and what made me a true champion is adapting to anything and overcoming adversity. If I have to overcome adversity on Saturday night, then I’m going to do that because that’s what I was built for.”

He added:

“I need to get a victory on Saturday night. I can’t overlook anybody. I’ve seen some crazy things happen in boxing. One punch can change everything, so I’m just focused on Saturday night.”

Rios even though he is not the force he once was, is no slouch.

He’s up for this fight and will bring the heat on Saturday night as he always does. Stylistically this could make for a great clash of styles.

On paper.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Farina/Mayweather Promotions)