Brandon Rios Not Done Yet – Motivated By Rekindled Trainer Relationship

Brandon Rios Not Done

Brandon Rios will certainly go down as one of the most entertaining brawlers of his particular era. A world champion who fought in some incredible blood and guts wars down through the years. But he’s not finished quite yet.

This weekend he comes into his fight with Danny Garcia as a considerable underdog but in his favour he’s hooked up once again with his old trainer – Robert Garcia.

Garcia knows what makes Rios tick and has an innate understanding of him as a fighter.

The former trainer of the year being back in his corner is not something to be underestimated.

In terms of the potency of the combination.

A lot will tell in terms of what kind of shape Rios comes in later today on the scales but speaking ahead of the bout – he’s chomping at the bit:

“I’m ready 100 percent. I’m ready to give the fans an exciting show and that’s what I’ve prepared for. That’s my style. I always come forward and I come to fight. We ain’t dancing, we’re going to be fighting. Robert Garcia has always been my brother. He’s a brother from another mother. It felt great to be back with Robert Garcia and I’m just ready for the fight now. Him and Donald Leary have me confident in myself, and that’s the most important thing.”

He added:

“I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity. This can make or break me. I’m doing everything right in training and dieting. I usually say I can’t wait until weigh-ins but this time I can’t wait until Saturday. “There’s no weight issue at all. I’m perfectly on-weight right now. I’m perfectly fine health-wise, there’s no injuries. I’m 100 percent ready.”

Donald Leary is another serious guy to have in your corner. Although Garcia is strong favourite don’t write Rios off entirely this weekend.

This could have the makings of a very fan-friendly fight.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Farina/Mayweather Promotions)