All the talk is done now with both fighters coming in on weight at their first attempt of trying – but Eubank Jr managed to get one quick parting remark to Groves before tomorrow night.

Both fighters will probably be tucking into a healthy amount of food right about now after making the 168lbs limit today.

Groves although the natural super-middleweight was the one who came in lighter than Eubank. Eubank came in bang on weight, Groves just under it.

Both guys looked like they had done the weight well in fairness.

Eubank Jr just off camera before the two did their final interviews managed to tell Groves one last thing:

“I told him he’s not ready. I can see it in his eyes. He walked in here with his shades on. He doesn’t want to be here. He wants to be put in retirement so that’s what we are going to do on Saturday night. We’re taking that belt home.”

Strong words indeed.

Retirement is likely not in either fighter’s mind though to be fair. Both are still young men and whatever happens tomorrow night the loser can definitely come again.

But the winner though – the winner will move on to very big things indeed.