George Groves Disgusted With Chris Eubank Senior Comments

George Groves has taken issue with some comments that Chris Eubank senior made recently that caused widespread controversy on social media.

Senior brought up the name of one of his son’s former opponents Nick Blackwell whom his son inflicted serious injury on a couple of years back.

He mentioned that he hoped a similar fate does not happen to Groves as he cares about him and hoped that the referee will essentially protect him from his son.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Groves said:

“But because he’s trying to manipulate the mindsets of the general public and the officials for his own benefit (Eubank senior), I have to take a stand. The fact that he’s doing it at the expense of Nick Blackwell I think it’s disgusting. As I said before, me, junior and the dad have all seriously hurt people from boxing. From previous fights we have had. The fact he’s trying to make out his son is a killer and he’s this invincible guy who everybody needs protecting from. We now what he’s trying to say. He’s classless.”

The fight takes place this Saturday on pay per view in the UK on ITV and will be shown on the WBSS Facebook and website for fight fans in the US.

For the full interview on IFL YouTube check it out here:

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