Groves Names Past Fights That Were Harder Than He Thinks Eubank Will Be

George Groves spoke to his opponent this weekend Chris Eubank Jr as candidly as he was able to in their final press conference. He even named the fights to him that he thinks were much harder than this one on Saturday.

Groves has been around the block at this point. No doubt about it.

He’s built up a lot of experience over the years and has done things the hard way to finally become a world champion.

On the fourth attempt of asking no less.

At one point in the final presser with Chris Eubank Jr he told the public that he expects Saturday to be a lot easier than previous bouts he’s had:

“Not at the top (of hardest fights I’ve had). It’s a fight. It’s a meaningful fight. It’s a fight that obviously I’ve got to pay attention to. I’m fully prepared. I’m not expecting an easy night but far easier than previous fights I’ve had.”

Eubank then asked him what were the fights – to which Groves replied:

“Do you want to know? This is easier than the (James) DeGale fight, both the Froch fights, the Badou Jack fight. The (Fedor) Chudinov fight.”

Over confidence or genuine belief?

All shall be revealed as they say. Soon enough.

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